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Whether you are a C-level executive, vice-president, or other senior level business leader or official, and you are looking for legal guidance in your own contractual dealings, turn to us, Sterling Attorneys at Law, P.C. We provide you with the top-level representation you need when negotiating your own employment contracts, CIC agreements, and separation agreements.

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We provide you with the on-call representation you need to make the tough decisions. Attorney Sterling delivers that representation to you in plain language so you can understand your options even when the legalese itself might seem impenetrable.

Mr. Sterling's individualized style of service has enabled him to achieve superior results for a number of senior level clients throughout the country. His work for you in contract negotiations draws on his knowledge of how these cases are decided in court, affording him the expertise to make sure that important provisions are in your contracts that will be important later should there be litigation

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