CIC (Change In Control) Agreements

Because they create profitability and success for their companies, top leadership executives are often the victims of their own success when those same companies are then purchased by new ownership or undergo some other change in control. For that reason, when you are considering a position with a new company, you need to maximize your leverage during this time and negotiate an effective change in control agreement.

To do so, you want someone on your side who has been down these roads before, someone who knows how to deliver premium level services to corporate executives at every level, from vice-presidents to senior executives to C-level executives and more.

Sterling Attorneys at Law, P.C., knows how. Our Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, based firm works with top level executives across the country. We know you want to maximize your leverage during the negotiations phase to craft a CIC agreement that protects your rights.

Premium On-Call Representation For Executives

To do so, our firm provides you with individualized legal representation from our founding lawyer, Raymond J. Sterling. Attorney Sterling makes on-call representation to vice-presidents and top executives a feature of his practice.

For more than 35 years, attorney Sterling has worked in the courtroom and at the negotiating table for sophisticated business clients engaged in difficult contractual matters. He understands how to translate legalese into actionable plain language you can use to make decisions with regard to, among other things:

  • Senior-level stock options, restricted stock, and other forms of equity
  • Executive compensation
  • Severance pay
  • Noncompete agreement language
  • Enhanced protections in the event of termination

When providing his advice to you, attorney Sterling helps you tailor your CIC so it is responsive to the latest developments in the law and in the industry. Those developments and insights stem, not only from his practice as a negotiator for senior executives, but also from his litigation and trial practice in business disputes involving top corporate executives throughout the nation.

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