Protecting The Rights Of Corporate Leaders

Severance and termination agreements are a fact of life for the successful corporate decision maker in today's world. Yet too few top business leaders have the time or inclination to negotiate the terms of their severance and termination agreements.

For that reason, you can turn to us here at Sterling Attorneys at Law in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. We provide you with a lawyer, Ray Sterling, who brings more than 35 years of legal experience to the table when it comes time to discuss an executive severance package.

Those years of experience include advising C-level and other senior level executives in contract negotiations as well as in litigation and at trial. He draws on all of those experiences to provide you with the sophisticated legal judgment you need when negotiating your severance and termination agreement.

Top Level Decision Makers Need Top Level Representation

As a business executive, you have unique legal and practical considerations that cannot be dealt with as if you were a regular at-will employee. Instead, your rights must be addressed at the individual level and on an on-call basis. We provide those premium services to VPs, CEOs and other top corporate leaders throughout the country.

When attorney Ray Sterling assists you, he speaks your language. As an attorney who has made the representation of executive leadership a feature of his practice, he knows how to help you understand the legalese of separation agreements in plain terms. His advice will empower you to make purposeful, informed decisions about what you should accept and what you should negotiate in a severance and termination agreement.

Learn More About How Attorney Ray Sterling Can Help You

Call us at 248-419-1958 or 888-486-6305 to schedule your consultation with Sterling Attorneys at Law. You can also contact us online. We can help you see how our executive-level services can help you maximize your value when negotiating your separation package.